Bruce Baker MD, CMRO, ABAM


Dr_-Bruce-Baker-MD-CRMO-ASAM-Addictionist-Suboxone-Certified-Grand-Rapids-MichiganAttending medical school at Michigan State University and completing residency at Duke University Medical School, Dr. Baker brings with him over 30 years experience as a practicing physician. Drawing from experience in Anesthesiology, Occupational Medicine, and Addiction Medicine through out West Michigan, he brings a thorough and rich understanding of addiction and methods of treatment.

A board certified Addictionologist, he is also certified to treat opioid dependence using SUBOXONE. A medication passed by the FDA in 2003, SUBOXONE treatment is at the cutting edge of addiction medicine.

“To witness the impact this treatment has had on patients lives and overall wellbeing has been a truly positive experience. Coupled with other services we offer here at West Brook, I sincerely believe we are offering our patients a very enjoyable, sincere, and realistic plan for recovery free from chemical dependence.”

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