Benjamin Santee, MA, LLPC


Benjamin Santee holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Spring Arbor University and is a licensed counselor in the State of Michigan. Benjamin has been working with individuals and families who suffer from addiction since 2010.  At West Brook Recovery Center Benjamin provides individual, group, couples, and family counseling in addition to didactic psychotherapy.  Benjamin’s primary area of research and his personal passion to assist those individuals who struggle with significant grief and loss issues as they navigate their way out of addiction and into recovery.  Benjamin also holds a certificate as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, utilizing acupuncture to help alleviate the discomfort of the post-detoxification process.

Benjamin’s philosophy of treatment is to approach each individual with unconditional positive regard, allowing them to feel accepted, safe and cared for as they share their stories.  Each client is encouraged and guided toward developing their personal strengths and abilities to promote a lifestyle that enhances every facet of their being:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Benjamin utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach, motivational interviewing, psychoeducational techniques, experiential exercises, and more, to facilitate the changes that support a solid and lasting recovery.