Clifton Burrows EdD


Clifton-Burrows-EdD-Psychologist-West-Brook-Recovery-Grand-Rapids-MichiganAs a psychologist with 30 years of experience treating individuals suffering from chemical addictions and mental illness, I find the most beneficial approach is to treat both conditions simultaneously. In particular, those afflicted with a mental illness lack the wherewithal and capacity to tolerate the structure and requirements of substance abuse programs without special consideration being given to how conduct is influenced by pathology. On the other hand, when the treatment approach is to focus exclusively on the mental illness, the patient is undone by an addiction that undermines and obfuscates the true nature of their condition, since denial and a life that has become unmanageable are the quintessential aspects of the chemical addiction. There is absolutely no doubt that the most proficient way to treat comorbidity is to address the primary components that are disabling the individual within one theater of operation. The literature in the field overwhelmingly supports this position, and the West Brook clinical staff has been carefully selected to fulfill this objective.

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