Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy in Grand Rapids, Michigan

family-therapy-west-brook-recovery-centerAt West Brook Recovery Center, you don’t have to face your addiction alone. We offer treatment for substance abuse that Grand Rapids families can participate in together. The provision of family therapy services is done in recognition that the disease of addiction does not exist in a vacuum, but instead, it affects all members of the family. Recovery demands that healing extends both to the addicted individual and to the family system that has been disrupted and strained.

Family participation is scheduled every Wednesday during their loved one’s stay in treatment; the educational component on that day is specifically designed to heal and support traumatized families and other intimate relationships. Two group therapy sessions on that day will also provide an opportunity for family members to heal through disclosing their experience with the addicted individual. The importance of family members attending Wednesday family day sessions and Al-Anon meetings cannot be overemphasized.

When you are all in it together, family therapy is an essential part of overcoming the far-reaching effects of substance abuse. Grand Rapids families can turn to our addiction treatment center for an inclusive, comprehensive approach to recovery. Please call West Brook Recovery Center if you or a loved one is in need of treatment.