Intensive Outpatient Therapy

West Brook Recovery Center recognizes everyone’s treatment needs are particular and unique. Treatment that is effective for one may not be appropriate for all. For those individuals whose disease does not require the intensity of a residential intervention, but has not responded to individual therapy or other less profound attempts to arrest the addiction, Intensive Outpatient may be the treatment needed for change. Comprised of meditation & spirituality, lectures designed to provide a broad-based understanding of the disease concept and the process of establishing a successful recovery, individual & group therapy to address personal & emotional issues that impede progress and deter growth, Intensive Outpatient treatment can provide a foundation for recovery.

West Brook Recovery Center is a premier provider of Intensive Outpatient services in West Michigan. Intensive Outpatient care is most appropriate for individuals in their first treatment experience or for clients who possess a strong sober support network and a nurturing family environment. Clients live at home and attend day treatment programming at West Brook Recovery Center. The intensity of the outpatient treatment is determined by an initial assessment and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. The length of Intensive Outpatient treatment is typically six to 12 weeks.