Treatment for Professionals

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Treatment for Professionals

West Brook Recovery Center Treatment for Professionals Grand Rapids Michigan West Brook Recovery specializes in the treatment of adults who are employed in a professional capacity, especially those in healthcare, legal and corporate professions. Executives, attorneys, physicians and business owners often struggle with the disease of addiction and substance abuse in working environments with a slightly different landscape than most.

Professionals routinely deal with higher levels of stress, responsibility, accountability and public scrutiny. Effective treatment begins with understanding these additional stressors and circumstances. Professionals usually share common characteristics that by themselves are considered favorable attributes.

Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP)

West Brook Recovery Center is a provider for the State of Michigan's Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP). The HPRP is a valuable and beneficial resource to addicted health professionals. It can assist the addicted health professional in maintaining their respective licensure after drug use or diversion has created trouble in the workplace. The Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) was established by legislation in 1993 in order to meet the needs of the health professions for a confidential, non-disciplinary approach to support recovery from substance abuse/chemical addiction or mental illness. The program is designed to encourage impaired health professionals to seek a recovery program before their impairment harms a patient or damages their careers through disciplinary action. The program is supported by the licensing boards, as well as professional societies and associations throughout the state. Please call us for more information about the HPRP or visit their website at

Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP)

West Brook Recovery Center is a provider for the State Bar of Michigan. The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program offers free personal consultations for members of the State Bar and its employees that are struggling with the disease of addiction. The clinicians at West Brook Recovery work in conjunction with the licensed and certified addiction professionals associated with LJAP to provide quality treatment to all participants. Please call us for more information about the LJAP or visit the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program at the State Bar of Michigan's website at