Our Addiction Treatment Programs and Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

At our center for addiction treatment, Michigan residents from Grand Rapids and beyond can participate in any of our programs. Clients can live in a community setting for our Community Living Program, or they can visit us on an outpatient basis to receive individualized treatment. Unlike other drug and alcohol rehab centers, West Brook Recovery Center does not treat in a hospital setting. Our clients stay in apartments, learning to live a normal life in preparation for their reintroduction to the world – a world where they are not ruled by their addiction. Our Outpatient Programs allow clients to lead normal lives while also getting the treatment that they need. Our programs are comprehensive and tailored to each individual client, ensuring that every person who walks through our doors gets the help that they need to overcome addiction.

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If you or a loved one requires addiction treatment that Michigan individuals and families have trusted and counted on for years, contact West Brook Recovery Center in Grand Rapids, MI to find out how we can help you.