A Compassionate Community Living Program

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, West Brook Recovery Center provides an intimate and caring environment that will place you on the path to a healthy, recovering life style. We know that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process, and to that end, we are invested in providing a variety of programs and services that are individually tailored to fit the needs of each client’s situation.

West Brook ensures a strong recovery foundation through education, individual and group therapy, addiction medicine and such complimentary approaches as stress management, relaxation training, acupuncture, nutrition and yoga. It is our goal to provide the services and tools required to transition from a life of disorder, deception and chaos to one that is defined by honesty and meaningful daily activities – while promoting self-direction and creative engagement. The hardest part of recovery is often separating from the worldly distractions and temptations that delay and undermine the quest to change. Our Community Living Program allows one to live semi-independently while surrounded by understanding peers and health professionals that are available for support and guidance throughout the day and evening.

We are not a constricted hospital based or campus program – clients enjoy the amenities of residing in an apartment with peers and live-in “recovery coaches” while attending treatment throughout the day. This allows them to address their substance abuse concerns while living in the real world; clients learn to manage their everyday stresses without drugs and alcohol and this significantly reduces the shock and resulting potential for relapse that is often experienced when clients depart from more conventional programs that isolate their clients from the realities of life. If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment, contact West Brook Recovery Center today. Our compassionate staff will be happy to discuss your options and provide you with more information on West Brook’s drug and alcohol programs.

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